December 24, 2017

Please, no more Maltby

The only people who matter in the Green/Maltby/pornography affair are the two former police officers.

And the only thing that matters about them is that they seemingly can't be sent to prison for disclosing confidential police information after their retirement. They have freely taken upon themselves the burden of telling the world facts the police discovered during a (highly questionable) investigation of Damian Green. It seems the best the Met can do is to refer these shocking misdeeds to the Information Commissioner who could punish an offence of unauthorised disclosure of data with a fine but not with imprisonment. Not good enough.

At some point it seems the government will have to legislate over such disclosures. But maybe not yet.

The others in this affair are people of no consequence. Damian Green, whose finest hour came when he passed on the leaks from the Home Office for which the Labour government had him investigated, was the Minister For Doing Nothing About Immigration while Theresa May was Home Secretary. He seems to be assiduous as a constituency MP, but once he became a minister he dedicated himself to ineffectiveness. What a pointless career.

It is not necessarily to Kate Maltby’s discredit that she's been spoken up for by Anna Soubry, as she merely provided another opportunity for Soubry to be disobliging about a member of her own government. Maltby has described herself as a "feminist theatre writer". I have no idea what that is, but she clearly excels in breathless self-importance, doubtless bolstered by her middle class media lovey friends who offer her endless opportunities to emote about having had her knee touched.  Perhaps.

All very cosy, while the working class girls of Rotherham Oxford etc etc etc etc, who were unquestionably actually repeatedly raped, can only gaze at the concern lavished upon Kate Maltby while they, starved of the continuing coverage they deserve, can only look on like waifs in the Dickensian snow, as the caravan of the concerned moves on to fawn over their precious Maltby.

I don't care about over promoted Damian. I pray I that I never hear Kate Maltby’s name again (not a prayer I expect to be answered) - unless she is working on a gritty exposé of FGM, say.

I do care that those criminal ex-policemen seem to be on course to keep their pensions and stay out of jail.

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