October 29, 2017

The Remainer Rage of Nick Cohen

We have seen the Labour MP Barry Sheerman claiming that Remain voters were more educated than Leave voters. Would that be all Remain voters versus all Leave voters, or would Barry concede some overlap? Anyway, quite what conclusion he would draw from this I don't know. In a democracy are the votes of the more educated to be treasured more highly than the votes of those with fewer educational qualifications? Does lack of further or higher education somehow invalidate a vote in a democracy? Long gone are the days when graduates of Oxford and Cambridge had a second vote. Judging by Chris Bickerton's article in the Sunday Times today (£), a good thing too.

Incidentally, one wonders if Barry Sneerman Sheerman has looked at the educational qualifications of those who voted for him in the general election, rather than for his opponents. The snooty snobbery of this Labour MP - yes, a Labour MP - is a wonder to behold.

The Guardian has served us up an ant-Brexit article by Nick Cohen. Usually a controlled writer, he has dived off the deep end and the result is a splenetic Remain piece which can only trouble Leavers’ funny bones. What intellectual snobbery is on display as he looks down his nose at those prejudiced Leavers, who had the effrontery to reject his world-view.

It is an article any troubled Leavers should tuck away. Should you in the future start to doubt yourself, or wonder if Remainers really did have cool logic on their side after all, dig out this article again, and be reassured that being highly educated is not a guarantee of talking coherent sense.

Where, he asks,  are Britain’s leaders who will tell 17.4m voters that the Brexit they were promised cannot be cashed? Oh yes, that would be the unemployment, the recession that the great and the good promised us, economic promises that have not been delivered.

Hand-wringing Remainers like Philip Hammond assert that we did not Vote Leave in order to be poorer. Actually, yes we did. You told us we would be poorer but we still voted to leave, because we wanted our democracy back. Democracy. Get that, Philip?

Meanwhile, on a Sunday morning to make you smile, enjoy the sight of Nick Cohen incoherent with Remainer Rage.

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