October 11, 2017

The plumptious smugness of Dame Jenni Murray

Can Dame Jenni Murray be as self-satisfied as she seems?

According to The Times diary, Jenni Murray once asked Margaret Thatcher what it was like to be a woman Prime Minister. There was an icy pause before she replied that she was not a woman Prime Minister but the Prime Minister. “One reviewer, Murray fondly recalled, described it as the only time his radio had frozen over.”

At the Durham book festival Murray said this was one of her greatest achievements - to silence Margaret Thatcher.

Did the Dame not understand what was going on here? Margaret Thatcher was being the true feminist. She was actually correcting the Dame. But the Dame was too self-regarding to notice.

And so she evidently remains.

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A K Haart said...

"Did the Dame not understand what was going on here?"

Apparently not. She obviously failed to grasp the real significance of that icy pause.