October 31, 2017

Fallon shouldn't be sacked for touching JHB's knees

Fallon shouldn't be sacked because he touched Julia Hartley-Brewer's knees all those years ago.

I don't know whether there is a Mrs Fallon now, or if there was one then. That isn't my concern.

MPs' expenses are more important to me as a voter than MPs' conduct with their staff. When MPs fiddle their expenses, that is a crime against me as a taxpayer. When they fondle an assistant, that is between them, and I do not see that as a taxpayer or voter I am harmed.

MPs are getting excited about sexual misconduct. It's easy for them to understand, much easier than say getting to grips with Brexit, or thinking of spending cuts to pay for the tax reductions they call for in the budget.

By making much of MPs' sexual conduct, Theresa May loses control of events. Just as Rajoy is at the mercy now of events in Catalonia after taking over the reins of government, so May's options in keeping or firing ministers may be dictated by disclosures in the tabloids.

It's only proper, then, to be amused by the emergence of the name of Damian Green today. He is after all her lieutenant, the man she leans on most in her hapless attempt to look even remotely in control at Number Ten.

Should Damian Green be sacked for being frisky in the back of taxis? I don't care about that. I would, though, like to see him sacked for being a useless immigration minister under Theresa May, and for being perfectly open that he would still vote Remain if the referendum were rerun now.

Just as Fallon should not be sacked for touching Julia Hartley-Brewer's knees (even though he seems to have done it several times). Fallon should be sacked because he is a useless minister, time expired, failed, the Defence Ministry under him out of control.

It is long past time for Fallon to be replaced with one of the up-and-coming younger Ministers who should be given a chance to show their paces. (Though dull leaders are more at ease with dull subordinates.)

That - and only that - is why Fallon should go, and go now.

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