October 12, 2017

A sleb ventilates

Oh it was horrible. I literally cannot describe what he did. But it was horrible. It scarred me. I went on to have a husband and family, but what he did scarred me.

(Publicist: Yes, Ms Sleb will take questions)

Who did you tell?

Obviously I couldn't tell my parents. They would have been so upset. It was important to me that my boyfriends and my husbands saw me as the whole, normal person that I am, so I hid my scars from them, even though those wounds festered deep inside me. My analysts said I should do whatever was right for me, and try to come to terms with my deep hurt, and, you know, I tried. But I couldn't, I just couldn't.

Did he help you become famous and make a lot of money?

That is not what this is about! It is about my integrity as a person, as a human being.

When did you decide that you had to speak out about your hurt?

Well, I saw others talking about their hurts, and I thought, yes, I have bottled it up all these years, I am hurting so much, it is time for me to be brave and speak out. I mean, nothing has happened to them, so I can talk about myself too. The sympathy and the love and the publicity they are getting ...

(Publicist whispers to sleb)

It was so nasty. It was so horrible. How could I not speak out? You can all see now what a vile person he is.

You kept it quiet all these years. If he is so bad, how many more women do you think your silence has put in harm's way? How can someone so wonderful live with that?

(Publicist: Thank you all for coming)

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