September 20, 2017

Spanish jackboot on Catalonia

This is astonishing.
Spanish gendarmes have raided at least four Catalan ministries amid escalating tension ahead of the independence referendum.
The Spanish authorities, on Monday, also seized control of Catalonia's finances in what [the Catalan vice president] called "total irresponsibility" that would lead the region "to an administrative collapse".
Indeed. "This means that from now on [Catalan leaders] no longer have their money," a Spanish budget ministry spokeswoman said. Oh, well done.

And Spain has accused 740 Catalan mayors of abuse of office. But this is not just a political accusation, the first of them is actually about to go on trial.

The Spanish Foreign Minister says referenda are undemocratic because Franco used them. Orwell would be be proud. Tell that to the Swiss.

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