September 02, 2017

Oh dear, Theresa May is back from holiday

So May is apparently to stay on for the convenience of the Conservative party in Westminster. The thinking seems to be that government could use some stability during Brexit.

May is also said to want focus on her domestic agenda. But no one seems to know what that is. Presumably it's no longer her unpopular manifesto. So what is it, and what mandate would she have to implement it?

If the Tories want to skip a political generation, it's also suggested that she will give possible runners a chance to show what they can do in Cabinet posts. Yet she is has a need to control. David Cameron did at least cut Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith some slack. But Theresa May has recently brought a former whip into Downing Street to focus on the environment, we are told. What's the point of giving a job to someone with Gove's talents if you're going to plonk a former apparatchik on top of him?

May has no redeeming features at all. She has no imagination, she is indecisive yet she is a control freak, she cannot think on her feet, she has no charisma. What is her strength? Not governing, not leadership, not oratory, not campaigning.

She could not even get it right when she gave the message that she intended to remain PM for the (slightly?) longer term. This is political incompetence at a very basic level.

Next time Matthew Parris suggests that Tory MPs should be the ones to choose the next leader, he should reflect that they lumbered us with the current specimen, inadequate in everyone's eyes but her own.

This blog is drumming its fingers waiting to be rid of her, and meanwhile views Theresa May with contempt.

One political commentator wittily suggested the Tories might want to stop her going on any more holidays because she comes back with daft ideas. The alternative is for her holidays to be very, very much longer.

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