September 19, 2017

Despise gutless May

I thought I loathed and despised Theresa May more than anyone else (and I should be a natural Tory voter, by the way). Apparently not. Rachel Sylvester tells it as it is in The Times: May is weak & incompetent, her conduct of government outrageous.

Whatever were Tory MPs thinking of when they voted for her?

Green shoots on Theresa May's magic money tree. The RSPB received £27.5 million in grants from UK taxpayers in 2015 and 2016. Why? Donating to the RSPB is a decision for individuals to make. But gutless May keeps the money coming.

More importantly, scientists say the world is warming more slowly than they had predicted. Oops, it seems we over-estimated climate sensitivity to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide.

But this is still tiptoeing round the problem. The pattern of intermittent temperature changes offers no evidence that they are determined by the small changes in atmospheric CO2. This false science has made the world poorer. Yet gutless May continues to toss away our money in order to make us poorer. Truly a politician to despise.

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