September 15, 2017

Bye bye, George

Political columnists are intrigued by George Osborne. His unusual and high flying political career makes him fun for them to write about, while his shift to journalism has taken him into an arena that they know even better than politics.

But ... so what? During the EU referendum he was ruthlessly dishonest. He was already unpopular with the public even while he was on David Cameron's coat tails; and he has now burnt his bridges with Tory MPs. His steady criticisms of the government had already made him unpopular with his former colleagues, and now he has told his allies that he wants Theresa May 'chopped up in bags in my freezer', revealing just how unpleasant George Osborne is.

His regularly bile-laden editorials were already making him look pathetic, but this is beyond the pale.

Osborne is finished. He is a has-been. Discussions of his career should be left to the history books now.

Bye bye, George. And good riddance.

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