July 20, 2017

Who wants immigration?

So now we know. High immigration has consequences. It is a high tax policy. Nearly 200,000 births in 2016 (28% of the total) were to mothers themselves born overseas.

Those children will have to be educated. As well as more schools, we will need more doctors, more hospitals, more housing. But no one asked us whether we wanted this.

In fact we were promised the opposite. Since 2010 we have been promised that net immigration would be reduced to the tens of thousands. This policy was left in the hands of the most under-powered senior minister of modern times. Nothing happened. It was easiest for government not to address the consequences of this pathetic failure (who is now Prime Minister.)

As well as more schools, more hospitals, more doctors, more housing, we need more cities. Legal net immigration is the equivalent of a new city the size of Newcastle or Hull every year. It doesn't matter exactly which city. Do we want new city after new city? Do we want every settlement to have to expand? Maybe we like our towns and villages the size they are. But we weren't asked

Don't tickle the sleeping dogs. A survey by Chatham House this year showed that a majority in Austria, France, Germany, Greece and Italy would support a blanket ban on all immigration from Muslim countries. A few weeks ago, Slovakia’s prime minister declared that Islam has “no place” in his country. The Czech Republic has told the EU it will not take any Muslim asylum seekers. And EU countries are building walls. For some Europeans, even a wall is not enough: Austria has been talking about deploying soldiers and armoured vehicles against migrants who might come over from Italy, where the invasion is running at 20,000 a week.

What is the point of us taking back control of EU migration when even legal immigration from outside the EU keeps running far ahead of target? The Pathetic Failure says it's all very difficult, there's no magic bullet etc. It was your policy. And you've decided to keep it, so that your successor can fail too.

The political class think it's fine to keep on not giving us what we voted for.