June 09, 2017

Yes, she was the big loser in this election

And so it turned out that Theresa May, the Wizard of Oz of politics, showed herself the worst pafrty leader at campaigning in modern times.

As for governing, she is serious abut it but she is no good at it.

And building alliances? Hopeless.


The Tories need to give Boris a coronation, as he is the only Tory with an actual record of - you know - actually winning elections. David Davis should be the kingmaker and shove all the cabinet into line.

Davis should be Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Brexit, with Gove as DPM in charge of domestic policy making up Boris's troika.

P.S. Apparently, some Tories are ludicrously saying May should stay but she must change her whole style of government.

This misses the point. It is not a style of governing that Mrs May can change for another, like a coat: she lacks the ability to govern in any other way.

So she must go.

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geebeetwo said...

She is a long way from perfect but Boris is certifiably bonkers. He blusters and laughs away his appalling blunders that tumble from his mouth with no visible control.
Somewhere inside him is probably a good brain but he disguises it well, so well that I've never caught the slightest glimpse. He isn't strong and will change with the very slightest breeze, a fool and we cannot afford one,particularly now.