February 09, 2017

Who will rid us of the Green Scam?

Established politicians like to work within the order they find. It makes life easier for them, and they can concentrate on the few changes they want to make within the existing set-up. It's manageable.

One of the things that makes Trump different is his willingness to look with a fresh eye. He can be like the boy who cried out that the emperor had no clothes.

Thus he has criticised Germany for running a persistent trade surplus with other EU countries, which is against the rules of the eurozone. Germany goes untouched, however. As Andrew Neil tweets:
Germany now running largest current account surplus in world (yes, bigger than China's). Will not go unnoticed in White House.
Let us hope Trump will also call out Green scaremongering for the scam it is. Matt Ridley points out that
The satellite data sets, which are the least adjusted, continue to show 2016's temperature as being statistically no warmer than 1998's and continue to show very slow to no warming over 19 years.
Problem? What problem?

Yet politicians tiptoe around this. They have enough on their plate handling events that fly at them, without provoking mass indignation by calling out a false article of faith held widely by the establishment.

(To be willing to do that, you have to be a Margaret Thatcher. Even she ducked reforming the NHS - as have successive governments. And Cameron was clearly more comfortable with minimal change in the NHS and education, rather than committing to reforms which would meet entrenched opposition.)

So the Green Scare has no clothes. And yet in the UK green policies are accounting for more than a third of electricity bills.

Political establishments are willing slaves to failed, harmful orthodoxies. We deserve better than politicians who are fulfilled by Just Managing.

UKIP challenged the pro-EU political consensus that had lasted for years.

Let's have some plain spoken disruption. Call out the Green Scam for what it is.

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