February 23, 2017

Oh no, so called child refugees again

So the tedious, sanctimonious whingeing about "child refugees" has started again in the Commons.

Who believes that unaccompanied children managed to trudge across Europe in numbers?

Never mind that refugees are supposed to claim sanctuary in the first safe country they reach.

Never mind that these refugees are claiming sanctuary in a country they haven't even reached.

And never mind that some of the "children" in the first group looked distinctly grown up. Indeed, their appearance proved so embarrassing for the government that they erected barriers to stop us, the taxpayers from seeing who was being admitted - without any age checks - which, it was said, would have been intrusive.

And never mind that the local authorities to whose care they are consigned are chronically short of funds for social care of our own citizens.

Sanctimonious Labour MPs like Little Miss Prim Yvette Cooper call for more money to be spent on this highly dubious project (where is it to come from?), which will encourage more people to chance their luck.

These MPs are spendthrift do-gooders with no sense of priorities. They came into public life to lecture us about their superior virtue, and to take away our money to spend in dubious ways that they snootily consider worthy.

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