January 04, 2017

UKIP can be the main opposition party

Opposition parties should be opportunist. Attack government mistakes, see what the reactions are, and your policies will start to come together ahead of the next election.

For UKIP this is particularly important. It's won the Brexit battle. It will probably win on immigration too. But that doesn't mean it should fold its tents and steal away. First, because those wars aren't won yet.

Secondly, because UKIP can be the main opposition party. Labour got more votes but their front bench are limiting their appeal by only attacking from a narrow left wing viewpoint. And they're so slow! The Lib Dems got fewer votes than UKIP, and are limiting their appeal by chasing the anti-democratic Remainers next time round.

Never mind that UKIP only has one MP. Even if it had ten, its campaigning focus would be in the country and on social media, rather than in Parliament. So that's not something to dwell on.

UKIP must also broaden its range of issues. The more broadly UKIP campaigns and harries, the sillier lefties will sound when they claim that UKIP supporters are all racist and uneducated.

We don't have affordable government. We don't want to put taxes up, we want to get the cost of government down. When we see daft spending, we should just say: Stop It.

There are so many reasons why government shouldn't be subsidising anaerobic digesters. All subsidies for uneconomic "green energy" should be stopped.

All subsidies for green energy projects which don't even have planning permission should certainly be stopped! That is just incompetent, feeble government. Attack, attack. Nationally, and locally. Let's worry the government.

UKIP can be the main opposition party.

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L fairfax said...

Going back to our original views on immigration - "It is about space, not race" - would help a lot. We should start talking about the 5 freedoms again.