January 02, 2017

Gray May flops again

Theresa May is blaming David Cameron for the New Year's honours list, even though she has been PM since July.

Let's all agree that the list had the stench of moral corruption. Are we seriously expected to believe that, over those months, nobody in No 10 caught a whiff?

They weren't just incompetent:
No fewer than 15 of Theresa May’s former Home Office staff were showered with awards – including an OBE for her ex-principal private secretary and an MBE for a press officer.
Gray May had her hand in the till too.

Now, however, is the glad morning of reform. "The new system could be put in place in time for the Queen’s Birthday honours which take place in the summer."

In other words, reform need take only months. So there was time to do it before.

But Gray May didn't. She connived, and she thinks we won't notice.

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