January 20, 2017

Emily Thornberry self harms

Emily Thornberry seems intent on self-harm. She doesn't set out to do it. It's born of her recklessness and her conceit.

Last night on Question Time (where she's becoming a regular) she referred to Theresa May's Brexit negotiating positions as "promises".

This is ridiculous. They are opening negotiating positions. We know they are. She knows they are. Yet she deliberately calls them promises. And then off she goes at great length. On and on and on.

And we've stopped listening to you, Emily. You spit words out as if they were machine gun bullets. Yatteryatteryatter you go. Yatteryatteryatter.

We know it's all positioning, that it's all lies. That you consider yourself so far above us, that you can patronise us with those blatant lies.

Spit out your lies all you want, Emily Thornberry. We've stopped listening to you.

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