December 31, 2016

Voluntary unemployment in the UK

Andrew Dunn presents research which finds that many unemployed people prefer living on benefits to undertaking jobs which would increase their income, but which they consider unattractive.

There is of course the additional problem of declared underemployment - to remain within the embrace of benefits.

But governments like a quiet life, so they prefer to let these sleeping dogs lie. If they wanted to know more, they would only have to conduct a detailed pilot in a small area.

It is more convenient for them not to know.

But social security spending is a huge proportion of government spending. We can't afford the amount of government we have now. So we have to look hard at options for affordable government.

This must be one of them.

December 13, 2016

Alan Cumming asks the hard questions

We can rely on SNP-supporting exile luvvie Alan Cumming to ask Nicola Sturgeon the hard questions:
When asked by Hollywood actor Alan Cumming whether SNP candidates could compete for election outside of Scotland, she refused to rule it out, saying: “There a lot (of people) in England - a lot who contact me - who feel completely disenfranchsed that there is nobody speaking up for them. Our London branch is booming.”
This is the Nicola Sturgeon who her lackeys say has a Brexit plan, though it seems to consist of going round the EU asking to be allowed to Remain after the rest of the UK leaves, and being told No.

The same Nicola Sturgeon repeatedly whines about calling another independence referendum, even though she knows Scotland can't afford independence after the fall in the oil price, and even though the polls tell her she would lose again. We know this is just grievance politics.

In the last census, 84% of the UK population lived in England, and 8.4% in Scotland. England's share is probably higher now: unaccountably, immigrants prefer to settle in England rather than colder, wetter Scotland, where the economy is growing more slowly than the UK as a whole.

This tedious woman governs a nation with a population smaller than Yorkshire & Humberside.

Yet the media give this bit player major exposure to whine repeatedly.

Nicola Sturgeon has nothing new to say on behalf of her small tribe, who keep showing that they oppose her main policy and want to remain in the UK. She has been on the losing side in two referenda.

So haud yer wheesht, Nicola (yes, I have Scots blood in me). You tedious woman.