January 25, 2014

What a jape! Last UKIP manifesto was "drivel"

It's perfectly reasonable for Nigel Farage to disown UKIP's manifesto for the last election. No party will go into the next election on their 2010 manifesto.

But never to have read it even though he wrote the foreword? To say now the manifesto he ran on was drivel?

Richard North and North Junior discuss this.

As I say in the comments on North Junior's piece, Farage is a mountebank. He's just made up this pro-handguns policy.

UKIP isn't a proper political party, it's his creature, there to do whatever his will is that day. He is a salesman, not a strategist, but he cannot tolerate good people around him as they will show up his limitations.

If its polling stays high, be sure the media and UKIP's political opponents will subject its policies to close scrutiny as the election nears.

Nigel Farage is a lot nastier than he looks.

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