January 20, 2014

Rennard holes himself below the waterline

In his latest statement (reported by Guido here) Lord Rennard undermines his credibility when he says
I believe that Conservative attempts to change parliamentary boundaries in their favour and change the voting registration to deny many people the vote could have resulted in permanent Conservative government for this country.
Of course this is a perversion of the truth. The boundary changes would have redrawn boundaries to create constituencies of more equal sizes. They would have made votes more equal.

But that's unacceptable to this man who claims to be a democrat.

The parties' policy positions aren't immutable. They would adjust their policies with the aim of gaining a majority of those more equally weighted votes.

In these few words the self proclaimed democrat Rennard exposes himself as a hypocrite, seemingly without realising it.

That doesn't mean he has received natural justice from the Liberal Democrats, whose actions increasingly give the lie to their brand name. There has been no 'investigation' by the party, and Rennard has not even been given the chance to see the lawyer's findings, let alone rebut the allegations against him.

The Lib Dems are probably right not to publish those allegations. While the actions alleged seem to be rather sleazy in a pretty pathetic way (and they are unproven), these were not vulnerable, down-trodden women just out of school. These were women who aspired to rule us and boss us about and tell us what to do. That doesn't make the (alleged, remember) actions all right, but these would-be rulers should have had the toughness to brush off the discomfort rather than (in one case, as I recall) go running to Daddy. Instead they escalated their discomfort into politically correct long running indignation.

No one comes well out of this, not the women, not Rennard, and not the party leadership.

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Bill Chapman said...

I feel a bit sorry for the LibDems. We are obviously at the beginning o0f a lon-running soap opera, with inquiries, inquiries into the inquiries, appeals against judgements, long statements and resignations. Thank goodness there are no elections coming up in the next couple of years.