November 14, 2013

Does the BBC have a death wish?

They say power corrupts. So too, it seems, does an avalanche of public money.
The BBC has admitted spending the licence fee on lawyers to defend the reputation of its controversial human resources head.

Lucy Adams, who earns £320,000 a year, is taking legal action against a trade union which accused her of running a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign at the corporation.

She is set to leave the BBC in the spring after being accused of ‘corporate fraud and cronyism’ in the severance payoff scandal.
And this is effectively a tax on every household. The BBC are effectively putting two fingers up a licence fee payers, many of them increasingly strapped for cash.

Forget the "settlement" which cocoons the BBC. The government should start by cutting the licence fee every time something like this emerges.


A K Haart said...

"Does the BBC have a death wish?"

Oh I do hope so. Finally we'd have something worth watching.

James Higham said...

To say this is outrageous is to say the sky is blue. How effing dare they.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's not entirely clear why we need a state broadcaster funded by a hypothecated tax.

Can someone elucidate?

Nan Parkinson said...

Why do we need a state broadcaster? One only needs to look at USA's millions of crass channels for an answer. There is quite a lot wrong with the BBC, and I agree that the content of the source-blog makes me very angry. However, let's improve the BBC and make it a service we can be proud of (once more).