October 23, 2013

How law abiding are we?

Are we a law abiding society?

An ANPR exercise on a busy London road had to be quickly abandoned as it was identifying more untaxed, uninsured vehicles than the police would cope with.

Benefit fraud, officially estimated at some £1.6bn a year, is actually closer to £6 billion. That's hundreds of thousands of offenders - far more than investigators and the court system could possibly handle.

The number of child porn offences is now so high it would take police and the courts nearly 20 years to prosecute even those currently operating in Britain: it's estimated that 300 million images have been seized in two years.

It is claimed that around 20% of weddings in urban areas are bogus.

The authorities can't keep up.


Johnm said...

Yes. Exactly who operates the benefit fraud site?
Conservative central office?
Perhaps I will start a site.....corruptcorporatebenefituk.
Or corruptpoliticalcontributions.co.uk
I feel sure there is a niche there somewhere.
ooops..there already are sites like that:
But of course, with some of the corporate welfare injected back into the totally corrupt political institutions there will be no action to stop C W corruption!



Woodsy42 said...

Personally I haven't a clue how law abiding I am. I no longer have any idea what most of the laws of the country are!
Yes I know that murder and burglary and such obvious stuff is illegal because that fits a traditional morality but as for anything else I honestly don't have a clue what are laws, what are regulations, what are statutes, what they apply to and whether any of them are in fact legal.

Johnm said...

Or where they come from. Many come from the UN, via the EU.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That ANPR excercise?

Do you have any provenance for it - Google has failed me - don't doubt it - would just like to see the autorities fessing up....

Ties in with my casual observation of drivers and remarks by black cab driving acquaintances in our captial...

John Page said...

Some time back, in south London

Edward Spalton said...

It was thirty years ago when I was having great problems with parked vehicles obstructing the access to my business.

The police were not very helpful and, at one point an officer told me he would see to it that nobody ever came to our aid, if we did not stop complaining.

I noticed that, when they did come, they ignored vehicles without road fund licences. They belonged, I think, to members of the "travelling community". I suppose they did not want the paper work, a wild goose chase after the owners and accusations of racism etc.

Not long afterwards, our site was broken into and a loading shovel then worth around £10,000 was stolen and never recovered.

As someone who was keeping all the rules, it was not a happy time.

David Turnbull said...

In a society that has been obviously run, managed, controlled and duped by proven criminals, proven physcopaths, pedophiles etc these "so-called elites" who stop at nothing to enrich themselves and subjugate the rest, is it any wonder that thousands of people are now waking up to the reality of the depths of evil and corruption foisted upon us and thus ignoring the laws themselves? Leaders should lead by positive, honest example and we might see a difference in society. However i believe it's too late and this lawlessness can only get much worse before exploding into open revolt against all figures and establishments of authority. reiverdave