May 17, 2013

More journalistic whining

Oh here we go again. More bleating about the lack of female television presenters ... older television presenters ... and now black presenters.

This is all very metropolitan and right on.

Apparently there are "countless aspiring black female journalists and media professionals". And doubtless white female journalists. And no doubt countless males too. And older people. Not to mention Anna Ford. (No, let's not.)

If there are all these good people jostling for these jobs, then the jobs are overpaid.

The BBC is spending our money, so it should get its talent as cheaply as possible.

So draw up a long list of applicants who can do the job perfectly well - apparently it would be quite a long one. Then offer the job to them at (say) £25k a year, and keep upping the offered pay rate by £1k a year, until someone takes it. All contracts to be on one month's notice, in case things don't work out. If you don't like it, don't apply.

Let's balance supply and demand, and get best value for licence fee payers for a change. And the process can be age blind, gender blind, and colour blind.

1 comment:

James Higham said...

Think we should have a quota of disabled on too.