March 26, 2013

Why is Dave sabotaging the UK economy?

Benedict Brogan is writing today that Tory MPs are already writing off Cameron even should he win the next election. Quite right too.

One contention jumps out:
Energy costs are being deliberately driven upwards at a time when they are falling elsewhere, to satisfy a fashion for green poses that he actually abandoned ages ago.
How could we tell?

We do know he's arrogant and ineffective. But has he done anything to show us he's gone ex-green?

Is David Cameron sabotaging the economy through mistaken clinging to falsified AGW theory, hypocrisy, or mere laziness?


James Higham said...

Beholden to different masters, Prodicus.

Johnm said...

More unemployment equals lower wages/salaries.
High energy cost equals high unemployment.
But do not worry. Some industries will get relief from the carbon tax (relief equals subsidy, equals commercial welfare) while others will be priced-out from profit.
The Lord forbid that the largest donor get the highest relief from unnecessary taxation.