February 22, 2013

Those scandalous gagging clauses again

An MP has teased out more details of NHS gags. Over three years, 598 "special severance payments" cost taxpayers nearly £15m. An estimated 90% of them included gagging clauses.
A Department of Health spokesman said the number of confidentiality clause payouts was falling sharply and that in 2011/12, there were just 20 cases in NHS Trusts at a cost of just over £500,000.

However, this figure did not include costs for the 105 Foundation Trusts, which in 2010/11 racked up a bill of £2.5million on gagging clauses.
The Mail reports that the Department of Health and the Treasury, which are notified of the cost of the agreements by the relevant NHS bodies, had steadfastly refused to publish the costs. The figures were only released after MP Stephen Barclay tabled a series of parliamentary questions.

Why do the departments let the NHS spend money this way? Do they turn any down?

How much do other departments spend to hide information from taxpayers?

Gagging employees in the NHS is especially bad, as it could cause more patients to be mistreated and to die. But how could spending taxpayers' cash on gagging clauses ever be justified anywhere in the state sector?

Why would departments try to hide how much is spent on gagging clauses? It's because they know they couldn't justify it.

The proles are paying, but don't let them see, they might get agitated. And if some more of them are mistreated in hospitals and die unnecessarily, we the masters have no difficulty accepting that. The NHS has got to run smoothly.

What's that you say? The proles pay for the NHS and it's there to heal them? Come come, old man, be realistic. There's bound to be collateral damage.

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