February 08, 2013

Blood on Andy Burnham's hands

The Telegraph picks up the warning by Professor Sir Brian Jarman to Andy Burnham, who was then Labour health secretary, about the high death rates at four NHS trusts in 2008. Only now is Sir Bruce Keogh to investigate them.
Sir Bruce told this newspaper that he had concerns about the high death rates at up to 12 trusts which could now be investigated [my italics]. He said the full terms of his inquiry would be published next week, including a full list of trusts involved.
Labour suppressed Sir Brian Jarman's numbers - more concerned about the image of the NHS under Labour than by people being killed. Just as they made GCSEs easier to make Labour look good, so they hid data about hospital deaths to stop Labour looking bad.

Brian Jarman himself tweets:
On 24/3/2010 I sent Andy Burnham list of trusts with high HSMRs. Had 4 of the 5 just alerted by DH. DN was CE NHS.
Andy Burnham has blood on his hands.

But you can't say the coalition looks good. What did Andrew Lansley do about putting this scandal into the public domain and stopping the mistreatment and slaughter? Nothing. It just wasn't a priority for this man obsessed by organisation charts.

Only now, according to Sir Bruce Keogh, can high death rates at those other hospitals be investigated. Why? Who stopped it happening before? The DN mentioned above is Sir David Nicholson, head of the NHS, failed as watchdog of Mid Staffs, producer of highly questionable expenses claims. Help get David Nicholson sacked.

Sadly I know of no petition to get Andy Burnham drummed out of politics.


A K Haart said...

"Who stopped it before?"

That's the question isn't it? Somebody did.

John Page said...

I see now I phrased that badly, AK, so I've amended the sentence to make it clearer.

JW said...

I don't want people sacked.
I want them in prison.

Where are the criminal prosecutions?

Barnacle Bill said...


Just give them a mild illness requiring hospitalization, then ensure they get placed in one of the Trusts on Sir Bruce's little list.