January 02, 2013

Labour are wrong on benefits

Jobless benefits rose 20% in the last five years, compared with an average 12% rise in private sector pay, says Iain Duncan Smith.

That's wrong. Quite apart from the moral injustice of it (who's paying? Those same workers who are getting less), there's no more money.

Labour said job seekers allowance had failed to keep pace with wages over the past 10 years.

So during five years of a Labour government, out of work benefits lagged behind wage rises? And Labour are claiming that's wrong?

We have to be a little careful here. Labour are talking of wages overall, while the Conservatives' comparison is with wages in the private sector.

But state sector employment is supposedly reducing, so the private sector comparison must now be the right one.

Of course you have to feel sorry for those who lose their jobs, all too often through no fault of their own.

I would have jobseeker's allowance gradually reduce, the longer someone claimed it.

But out of work benefits must never rise faster than wages.

Aside from the moral issue, there's no money left.


Highland Cooncil said...

I live off benefits and there is loads oif dosh.

Squeeze the bankers says I.

John Page said...

Maybe they're already being squeezed.