January 28, 2013

BBC bias against shale strikes again

Lancashire shale gas 'could be worth billions', reports the BBC.

That's the theme of the report, covering comments by Cuadrilla's silver-tongued Francis Egan.

The report's sub heading is 'Huge risks'. They've pushed this up their report into the account of Egan's remarks - presumably to make it look less marginal. This issue only emerges futher down the BBC's piece, though, in the report's last four paragraphs.

The BBC reports that
The technique has met with opposition with anti-fracking protesters wanting it to stop until risks are fully assessed.
The best you can say about this summary is that it's tendentious. Fracking has been used for decades, and tens of thousands of wells have been fracked in the US alone. Note this is the BBC's own summary, its inaccuracy allowed to stand with lack of context.

The anti-fracking tendency at the BBC is up to its old tricks when it comes to picture captioning too. The report has one picture, with a caption reading
Anti-fracking protestors say the technique of fracking poses huge risks to the environment
This is simply not an accurate summary of the news report, highlighting as it does protestors' views. What it does tell us, though, is the message which the report's anti-fracking editor wants to get across.

More BBC bias against shale.

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