December 14, 2012

More on Davey throttling shale fracking

As we saw in the previous post, Ed Davey is stringing out final approval for fracking by Cuadrilla using the excuse of an external review of this tiny company's managment structure.

Under his proposed regulatory regime, Andrew Orlowski notes that during the fracking process any tremors that measure 0.5 or higher on the Richter scale may trigger an automatic halt to operations under a "traffic light" scheme.
What does this mean? Well, tremors below magnitude 3.0 are considered to be barely noticeable, and bear in mind that the Richter scale is logarithmic: the energy released by a tremor of magnitude 0.5 is equivalent to the energy released by a large hand grenade.

But since the "epicentre" is thousands of feet below the surface, a 0.5 event escapes the detection of all but the most sensitive seismic monitoring equipment.

Yet one 0.5 event alone will be enough to halt fracking and it can only be restarted by the minister. Which, in practice, means it's in the hand of the fanatically pro-wind Whitehall bureaucrats at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

By contrast, the UK consortium Cuadrilla - which halted exploratory fracking near Blackpool in early 2011 after causing two minor earthquakes - uses the German safety standard, one of the world's more conservative standards. This sets the maximum permissible tremor magnitude at 2.6 and recommends mitigation measures if seismic activity exceeds magnitude 1.7 - after which the drillers halt water injection and reduce the pressure on the shale.

Davey admitted that the 0.5 red-light threshold is "far below a perceptible surface event, but larger than the expected level generated by the fracturing of the rock", which he considers "an appropriately precautionary approach". But he admitted: "We received representations in our consultation that this is too cautious."
Ed Davey is clearly out to delay and throttle shale fracking as much as he can.


A K Haart said...

I like this from your link.

"Environmentalists fear that deep drilling may disturb Silurians,
the race living under the Earth's crust in Dr Who"

John Page said...

They seemed basically decent to me.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I'm looking forward to the BBC powering the Tardis with a windmill.