December 23, 2012

Green is an outdated superstition

Adding a few hundred pounds a year to people's energy bills might not seem much to the SW1 elite, says Douglas Carswell. "But it is a lot of money to many of the folk I represent, who are struggling with fixed incomes and rising prices."
This might look like a smart move amongst the smart set in London. They won't see it that way in marginal seats in a couple of years' time.
But where can the marginal voters go? They'll probably stay at home, as there's nothing to choose between the three main parties on this at all. All three are in their smug bubble.

And this at a time when CO2 looks less dangerous than ever.
Yet MPs remain snug in their smug bubble. Scared of the green lobby? Or just brain dead? Either way they deserve our contempt.


Sobers said...

Sadly the only thing that will bring the politicians back to reality is a winter of a similar severity to 1947 or 1963. If pensioners start freezing to death in their homes because they can't afford the gas or electric to heat them, then something may be done. It will take something as bad as that to happen before they change tack.

John Page said...

Come come ... in this field you know theory trumps facts every time.