December 19, 2012

Discussing shale with environmentalists

No one's suggesting drilling shale for gas and oil for the fun of it. There are benefits - or it would be a pointless exercise.

Environmentalists are determined to focus on the risks, without discussing any possible economic benefits at all.

It would be like objecting to the introduction of railways because they would be noisy and messy and spoil some countryside, without giving any consideration at all to how they could transform the lives of people and communities - which they did.

But that's exactly what environmentalists want to do when it comes to shale.

Another tactic of environmentalists is to repeat lies. Fracking has polluted drinking water, they claim. Where? The US Environmental Protection Agency has found precisely no cases.

They also suggest fracking is unproven technology. That's not true either. It's been used for decades, inside and outside the US. In the US alone, tens of thousands of wells have been fracked.

If there was a general problem with the established technology of fracking, frackers in the US would have been lawyered out of existence.

That hasn't happened.

The greenies are increasingly howling from their bunker, rather than engaging with the full debate and up to date numbers.

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