September 20, 2012

BBC misreports on fracking, Friends of the Earth lie

The BBC reports the statement by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers that thousands of high-skilled engineering jobs could be created in Lancashire by utilising shale gas resources.

The BBC then goes on to editorialise that
UK anti-fracking protesters want it to stop until risks are fully assessed.
Note that weighty independent reports in the UK have said it is safe if properly regulated. Note that over 20,000 wells have been fracked in the States and reports of problems are strikingly few and far between. Note that Centrica say they "have done many many fracking exercises both onshore and offshore for many many years".

Repeat after me: fracking is not new. It's been practised for decades. It's only "controversial" because a few activists keep saying it is.

Indeed, Friends of the Earth are quoted by the BBC as saying
There is growing evidence linking fracking to water contamination, air pollution and climate change
But the BBC doesn't call them out on their lies. Friends of the Earth can say whatever they like and the BBC gives it uncritical exposure.

Incidentally, those engineering jobs will be real jobs not subsidised by taxpayers, rather than artificial, wealth-destroying "green" jobs which wouldn't exist if government didn't impose unnecessary policies.

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