May 07, 2012

Our government shouldn't give to WWF

Booker writes a scathing piece about WWF (supplemented by North under the heading World Wide Fraud). They cover its behind the scenes role in the eviction of Tanzanian farmers, its failed attempt to use the Amazon forest to sell "carbon credits", and its sadly not failed attempt to infiltrate the writing of IPCC reports on a massive scale.

So far so scandalous.

Also standing out is the involvement of the UK government. British taxpayers are giving £1.5bn to the UN's Fast Start programme.

When employees of WWF Tanzania were apparently caught in expenses fraud of more than £1m, the local office of Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) "leapt in to say that, while it “eagerly awaited” Ernst & Young’s report, it wished to emphasise that, although it has a general funding programme with WWF in the area, it had not been responsible for funding any of its projects directly".

Booker adds
When I recently asked DfID what had happened to the report it was “eagerly awaiting” in February, I was told to ask WWF. They told me they had commissioned “a series of reports” on “four projects in Tanzania and the behaviour of a number of staff members there”, not all of which “have yet been completed”. But a summary of their findings will be published “in due course”.
Now, much of WWF's income comes from governments. Let's be clear, British taxpayers are being forced to give money to a wealthy lobbying organisation - this at a time when the government on our behalf is borrowing money as never before.

Supposedly we are all in it together. Seemingly it is the government that is dumping us there.

British taxpayers can give their own money to WWF. That's their choice. But the Westminster do gooders want to give away taxpayers' money - to a rich organisation engaged in perverting the IPCC in support of an increasingly discredited scientific theory which then involves taxpayers in yet more unnecessary expense.

And politicians wonder why those of us outside Westminster choose to excoriate them?

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