May 17, 2012

Government pretends to tackle immigration problem

The government's political strategy over immigration is to avoid upsetting anybody too much by putting weak, inoffensive Damian Green in charge of it.

Why anyone would see such a role as the peak of a political career is a mystery. Strange beasts, politicians.

We have seen Green's weakness over the queues at airports, where he twisted ineffectually trying to square a circle which stubbornly resisted.

Quietly the government has launched an illegal immigrants database, which is already receiving one call every six minutes. Discount the nuisance calls and it's still a lot.

In fact once it really takes off the volume will overwhelm the number of enforcement officials - just as happens with reports of benefit fraud.

As with the benefit fraud hotlines, the new illegal immigrant reporting system is cosmetic. Government will point to scattered successes as evidence that the problem is being tackled. In reality it will be the tip of the iceberg.

Just as in the case of benefit fraud, the legal processes cannot handle even the small proportion of offenders caught.

Benefit thieves just face a long wait to come to court and then often trivial penalties. But in the case of immigrants the judicial system militates against enforcement.
Tracking down the illegals gives no guarantee they will eventually be booted out.

Officials have the power of arrest, but can continue to detain them only if there is a good chance of them being imminently deported.

Migrants who sneaked into the country illegally, or over-stayed their visa, often immediately claim asylum.

In addition, a migrant can argue he has settled with a family or had children in the UK – allowing him to claim a right to a ‘family life’ under Labour’s Human Rights Act.
Government shows no sign of tackling this. Behind fumbling Damian Green is deliberate fumbling on policy. There is no serious enforcement process against illegal immigrants. Government's aim is to do just enough to keep immigration out of the headlines while upsetting as few of the chatterati as possible.

Damian Green is a perfect figurehead for that con of a policy.

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Anonymous said...

You could even say that the benefits of removing illegal immigrants are low...they do not claim state benefit but do pay other taxes such as vat...they earn less than the minimum wage etc...and they cannot use nhs resource...and with an ageing population the state needs to import more people of working age, not less, and not to throw out those who can work. It is a problem that is not going to go away and it is no good increasing the age that the state pension can be claimed from, since employers do not want older people working for them (whether that is an illegal stance or not, it is a fact)
Without importing workers the country will, in less than fifty years, be paying no pensions to anyone....