May 05, 2012

Gove wimps out on school inspections

Michael Gove says plans by Ofsted to introduce unannounced inspections from September are likely to be dropped.

"People fear that no-notice inspection sends a message that we don't trust the profession", he said.

Wrong. If you are going to spend taxpayers' money on inspections, inspectors have to see the schools as they really are.

That's the point.

Schools, children and taxpayers deserve no less.

The only people who benefit from inspections being announced in advance are inadequate teaching staff.

If they feel a regime of unannounced inspections shows a lack of trust in them, the answer is:

You bet. That's why we have inspections in the first place.

These taxpayer employees should get over themselves.

Don't back away from unannounced inspections. Don't wimp out.

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