April 19, 2012

Greenies getting shriller over fracking

Seems to me the greenies are getting shriller. Thus Vanessa Vine in the Telegraph:
We will not stand for this deeply irresponsible behaviour on the part of those who are empowered to legislate for us. Our water, our fields, our air and our very seismic stability are at stake.
Indeed, we can see the US is starting to ripple and sink, what with all those fracked wells. Fields are poisoned for miles around every fracked well, while US water has become undrinkable everywhere there has been fracking.

By implication their air is "at stake", but I have no idea at all what if anything Vanessa means by this. It sounds scary, though.

Could that be the point?


A K Haart said...

I've noticed this. There are some real ranters coming out of the woodwork who don't even check their own words.

Johnm said...

The realisation that more and cheaper gas means that renewables are going to become more expensive, comparatively.
Shift attention to the EU, where the green totalitarian state will soon try to halt, or make more expensive, this method of retrieving natural resource/s.
After all, we cannot have people excessively and expensively burning fuel to keep warm...can we ?

John Page said...

A line which is going to become particularly interesting as Germany changes tack to rely increasingly on coal-based power generation.

James Higham said...

Does seem the best way to go, shale.

John Page said...

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