February 22, 2010

More carbon nonsense

Councillors want to spend £500,000 on making Bristol a greener city ... another 12 communities from across the UK have been awarded up to £500,000 each to pioneer innovative green measures through DECC’s Low Carbon Community Challenge.

Happily, they haven't managed to spend the money they're already committed to waste:
The UK Government has distributed just £30m of £152m worth of key environmental and renewable energy funds over the last three years – representing an underspend of 80% – according to research by the Liberal Democrats.
Meanwhile, Vivienne Westwood has had a fashion show:
For Westwood, a fashion collection is never just about the clothes, and her inspiration told of a romantic ideal based on a love of art and 'loyalty to Gaia' - her way of drawing attention to a scientific theory based on global warming.

In an interview with Stylist magazine, she explained: 'I decided to use my fashion to get across this message that we have to get engaged with the world we live in and stop its destruction.'


TDK said...

'Cos fashion has got nothing to do with conspicuous consumption or replacing serviceable clothes prematurely.

willson said...

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