January 14, 2009

Welsh rubbish

The Conservatives think Westminster representation should not be biased against the English in favour of the Welsh. The 40 Welsh MPs have an average of about 54,000 voters per seat, compared with 69,000 for the rest of the country. Bringing Wales into line with the rest of the country would be likely to remove 10 Welsh seats, reports the Financial Times.

Rentaquote Welsh MP Paul Flynn dubs this proposed fairness "a shameless piece of gerrymandering". No, Paul, that's what we have now.

Also spouting rubbish is Elfyn Llwyd, leader of Plaid Cymru in the House, who says reform could be necessary in the future, but only if Wales won full legislative powers. Like Berkshire then, Elfyn? Wales is a client nation, which certainly doesn't entitle it to greater representation than the English who pay for it.

Fair votes for Wales, say I.

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