September 02, 2007

Some ado about nothing

This blog has very little interest in Diana, Princess of Wales. She was a spoilt airhead who didn't care how much she damaged the royal family, which serves a useful function by stopping politicians being heads of state.

Her sons and husband invited Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to the memorial service. And suddenly tabloids and "friends of Diana" were pontificating that this was improper, it was not what St Diana would have wanted.

Why do these self-appointed friends of a woman now ten years dead think so highly of their own self-importance that they feel entitled to trumpet their opinions against the views of her sons? Might the sainted one not have considered this impertinent?

Camilla seems pretty blameless in this. She accepted a family invitation which these self-appointed guardians of righteousness proceeded to make untenable. This is not, as the Telegraph's Mandrake column describes it, a fiasco. Silly Emma Soames for talking to them.

Nicholas Soames didn't put the phone down on them because their enquiry "clearly touched a raw nerve", but because he knew comment was inappropriate.

The self-important journalists go on to identify "the froideur that now seems to exist" (weasel phrase) between the two Soames'. This is not reporting at all, it's lazy speculation. Or maybe they just don't know what "froideur" means.

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