September 29, 2007

Scattergun approach

The core argument of Jeff Randall's Friday Telegraph piece is that this is a bad, rotten government. Strikingly, though, they are ahead in he polls.

The wars are unpopular and Labour does not fund our forces adequately. (This means Brown.) Brown is not interested in hearing views which oppose his.
Consider the subject of Europe and the new treaty-cum-constitution. Debate? Forget it. More than 100,000 readers have signed The Daily Telegraph's petition for a referendum.

Voters believe that they were promised a say on the matter and expect to have it. Brown knows that they would reject the EU's stitch-up as a threat to this country's sovereignty. So he closes down debate, ignores opposition and ramrods through a shabby deal.

This, too, is a non-party matter. Many on the Left, including RMT firebrand Bob Crow and veteran MP Gwyneth Dunwoody, are infuriated by Brown's contempt for popular opinion. Yet Labour's poll ratings continue to rise.
Randall piles it on. Hospitals are being closed leaving nurses and doctors jobless. Gang crime is rising, food prices are going up, and Northern Rock was a shambles. Senior police officers claim that an unprecedented wave of immigration is overwhelming their ability to maintain law and order.

So why are the Opposition behind?
When Cameron was a PR man at Carlton Communications, he wasn't very good. His then boss, Michael Green, couldn't buy a favourable headline – and was eventually ousted.

Cameron's efforts at PR-ing his way to No 10 have similarly come unstuck. If all he has to offer is a cuddlier version of Labour, Conservatives will continue to fire blanks in the polls.
Never mind Conservative policies, what about criticism of the government? One of the aims of an Opposition is to have the country think so badly of the government that they start to feel that anything else would be an improvement. "Things can only get better."

The Tories have never mastered this. They may criticise individual policies, but there is no thread running through their attacks, nothing to lodge in voters' minds.

There is an easy criticism. "They are wasting the voters' money." How many times a day (let alone a week) do we see examples? - kindly laid out for us by The Taxpayers Alliance in a website which has become sprawling, such is huge supply of tales of waste.

Cameron is a lightweight with no principles except self-promotion and no interest in public policy. Against such opposition Brown is undeservedly safe.

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