September 29, 2007

Possible EU referenda

Ireland may have to hold a referendum. Dutch politicians seem to have united against the idea - remarkably as Dutch voters rejected an almost identcal treaty last time round. (Maybe that's not so remarkable, then.)

Denmark maybe. With an election looming, maybe it's too soon to rule out Poland.

And what's this? Scotland, of all places? Helen Szamuely comments that
The ScotNats are in a bit of a pickle over the fisheries policy as Salmond produced that as his main argument for getting away from Whitehall rule. Scotland will look after its fish, he said, not explaining how he was going to do so with three votes when the UK could not do anything with ten. (That was the old QMV system.) Now, of course, everyone can see that the common fisheries policy cannot be changed or reformed and what is Salmond going to do about that?
The Telegraph suggests that northern Ireland might consider a referendum too.

Most likely these are bargaining chips and they want Brown to buy them off. We'll see.

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