September 18, 2007

Olympic waste again

More about olympic waste today. The Daily Mail is among papers reporting that
With the cost of the 2012 London Games spiralling to £9.3 billion, the Olympic Delivery Authority lavished £7,707,000 on only 65 agency workers - the equivalent of around £118,500 each.
Senior figures on the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games are also earning generous fees and wages.
Princess Anne, a non-executive director and head of the British Olympic Association, received £4,000 in fees for attending four board meetings lasting around ten hours.
This can't be justified.

The Taxpayers' Alliance called the games "a tawdry money-making opportunity for a few fat cats at taxpayers' expense", and added, "No wonder people are so disillusioned".

The organising committee's chief executive Paul Deighton - who commissioned the widely-derided 2012 logo - received £536,000 last year, including a £100,000 performance related bonus. His personal fortune is estimated at £100 million.

No wonder 64% of those questioned in a poll consider the financial risk of the olympics is not worth taking and the money could be better used in other ways.

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