September 06, 2007

BBC Climate Special decision not driven by impartiality

That's the line, but impartiality certainly should have figured. As Peter Horrocks has commented, "It is not the BBC's job to lead opinion or proselytise on this or any other subject."

It emerges that the concert was being developed "under the aegis of BBC Comedy". The BBC claimed the aim was not to campaign but to "raise consciousness" about the science of climate change - the difference being...? It seems concern about ratings may have been an issue.

An environmental activist claimed that "the only reason why this became an issue is that there is a small but vociferous group of climate 'sceptics' lobbying against taking action, so the BBC is behaving like a coward and refusing to take a more consistent stance."

Interestingly, the BBC piece concludes by focusing on blogs.
Many blogs run by climate sceptics groups regularly accuse the BBC of bias and of ignoring evidence which runs against the idea that elevated levels of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning and land clearance are raising temperatures around the world.

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