April 07, 2007

Drivers break speed limit shock

Speeding is endemic in Britain with around half the country's motorists regularly flouting the limit, according to figures released by the Department for Transport, and reported in The Telegraph.

No doubt the government spent taxpayers' money to discover this. Out in the real world, we know that speeding laws are broken millions of times every day. And the number of road deaths? In 2004, the total was 2,915. How many would be prevented if everyone kept to the speed limits all the time? Probably rather few.

Meanwhile, "With more than 2,200 deaths attributed to Clostridium difficile in death certificates in England and Wales, the mortality rate is fast approaching that for road traffic accidents and is now around half that for suicide," says a doctor. More than 50,000 patients over the age of 65 suffered C difficile infection in hospitals in England last year compared with around 7,000 who caught MRSA.

The doctor is asking "whether C difficile can still be thought of as a purely hospital acquired infection and whether other infection control measures are needed, such as screening people in the community before they are admitted electively".

Maybe this would be a better use of our money than installing more speed cameras. We wait to hear from Douglas (the road pricing debate is over) Alexander.

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