March 16, 2007

Welcome, Global Vision

This new campaigning body is how UKIP should have been - a kind of UKIP for the modern world without the MEPs' egos.
We agree that the kind of relationship we want in Europe means we would no longer be members of the EU as currently structured.

However Global Vision's arguments are positive and forward looking - based on establishing a new framework for 21st Century Global Trade rather than the outlook some organisations have on restoring the past.

In addition, Global Vision argues that we should seek to negotiate the Treaty changes we want as part of an agreed settlement with the EU. That allows us to take advantage of the bargaining position we have as current members of the EU, where the core group also need our consent to the Treaty changes they need to continue their process of economic and political integration. It also allows us to reach an amicable agreement to continue cooperation in those areas where we believe it is in our national interest to do so, and increases the chances of negotiating a new framework for relationships in Europe that might embrace other countries as well as the UK.

Nevertheless we accept that unilateral withdrawal may be necessary if we cannot negotiate the outcome we want.
It also avoids the essentially feeble approach of organisations like Open Europe.
We support the aim of persuading the EU to reform, but we see little evidence that this approach will succeed on the scale and timescale needed to meet the UK's needs.

Rather than relying on EU reform, Global Vision believes that the UK must therefore take the initiative to negotiate a new arrangement for the UK outside the existing EU structure that ensures we have the freedom and flexibility to succeed as a global trading nation.

Global Vision also argues that, by taking this initiative, the UK may provide a catalyst to accelerate the wider restructuring of Europe to enable a more flexible framework of relationships instead of the current EU monolithic approach.
It's headed by the excellent Ruth Lea.

It has launched with an article by Ruth Lea in The Sun, and this editorial -
THERE’LL be no dancing in the streets of Britain in ten days time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the treaty that set Europe on its rocky road to unity.

Indeed more than half of us would like to see the European Union slapped down to size rather than follow the demented pied pipers of Brussels who go to sleep at night dreaming of a United States of Europe.

And, according to a new poll, almost a quarter of UK voters would like to pull out of the EU altogether.

With so much of our trade going to the continent, it would be foolish to follow a go-it-alone strategy. We would have to obey EU trade rules but have no say in drawing them up.

But it would be equally crazy to follow the ruinous road to political union urged on us by so many European leaders.

We already suffer from more and more damaging dictats and red tape from Brussels.

Which is why our political leaders must listen to the new organisation Global Vision.

They must say NO to any attempt to raise from the dead the idea of a new European Constitution. They must REJECT any extra interference. They must LISTEN to the British people by taking back powers from the Eurocrats.

And they must DEMAND that the EU goes back to being the Common Market that was envisaged at its birth half a century ago.

Instead of an “ever closer union” demanded by Euro-fanatics, Britain needs an “ever LOOSER union” so that we can continue to prosper and grow without the dead hand of Brussels round our necks.

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