March 19, 2007

We need a holistic approach

Thus bleated the senior policewoman who is apparently in charge of knife crime in the Met, when questioned on Today about the latest fatal stabbing, in East London.

Sadly she didn't get the incisive John Humphrys, but the oh so nice Mr Stourton.

She kept repeating that "we need a holistic approach."

Who is this "we"? Not the father interviewed on the programme, who said firmly that he wanted police out on the streets. I didn't hear him mention social workers once. So who is this "we"? Are the local community crying out for "a holistic approach"? That nice Mr Stourton didn't ask.

Second, in this holistic approach, what would the role of the police be? She briefly said they were looking at safer neighbourhoods, which sounds kinda fluffy. But maybe the role of the police, even in a holistic approach, is to take these people off the streets and get them banged up. That nice Mr Stourton didn't ask.

However, as we know, only one in 58 police officers is out on patrol at any given time, despite an increase in officer numbers.

She sounded wholly uninspiring. If she is typical of modern senior police - and how else would she have got promoted? - one can understand the despair of police bloggers like David Copperfield and Inspector Gadget.

I suspect her "we" is the meetings she calls of people like her who she thinks could contribute to a "holistic approach". Never mind the local community, who probably think some deterrent sentences might be a good start.

Roll on election of local police chiefs, as advocated by the Taxpayers Alliance. The police would then have to listen to their public. After all, we pay for them.

I bet she'd never get elected to any senior post. Which demonstrates the vested interest of the police in their cosy system.


Eric Blair said...

I agree we need a holistic approach.
Everyone knows that for people on average wages or less single parents are better off than couples.
We also know that the children of single parents are more likely to be criminals.
A holistic approach would radically changed the benefit system to stop encouraging single parents - sadly it will takes before the results are shown. In the meantime we reap the mistakes from the past.

The Purple Scorpion said...

I doubt if that's what our carin' sharin' bobby had in mind, though!

In any case, Sir Ian Blair doesn't control the benefits system thank goodness.

The role of the police is to put 'em away.

taylor said...

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John Page said...

The problem is that calling for a holistic approach without more specifics is too often an excuse for postponing hard and unpopular choices. As in this instance.

John said...

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