March 20, 2007

So tiresome, this democracy stuff

Time to move forward, says Mr Prodi, despite the people's votes.
"I want to hail the great efforts by Germany to relaunch Europe, whose way forward was interrupted [my emphasis] by the two votes against the constitution," he said, referring to failed referendums in France and The Netherlands on the bloc's basic law in 2005.
Meanwhile, Mrs Beckett said that she hoped the new text would not trigger a referendum.
“We would certainly hope that it would be possible to get, if we can get agreement and common ground, that that could be in an area where it wouldn’t need to trigger a referendum here.”
She added that
“I’ve no doubt, by the way, that no matter what it says, if there’s any agreement at all, there will be people who will call for a referendum anyway, but since they’re all people who never had a referendum when they had the opportunity, I think we can rise above that.”
José Barroso, the green hypocrite, has also come up with a novel doctrine.
“Britain, like all the other countries, have signed the Constitutional treaty so there is a kind of responsibility; when we sign a treaty we have some kind of obligation to ratify it.”
The common thread is that we know what's best, and the voters should leave us to get on with it.

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