March 17, 2007

How green is my BBC

Gerard Baker has a go at "the awful BBC". Picking up an interview with Helen Mirren, he reports that -
Dame Helen was asked how difficult it had been to play such an “unsympathetic character” as the Queen, the eponymous heroine of her recent film. She replied, quite tartly, that she didn’t find the Queen unsympathetic at all and launched into her now familiar riff about how she thought Elizabeth II really, surprisingly, quite agreeable.
And he comments that -
It betrayed an absolutely rock-solid assumption that the Queen is fundamentally unsympathetic, and that anyone who might still harbour some respect for the monarch — or indeed for that matter, the military or the Church, or the countryside or the joint stock company or any of the great English bequests to the world — must be some reactionary old buffer out in the sticks who has not had the benefit of the London media’s cultural enlightenment.

More than that, the question — all fawning and fraternal and friendly — contained within it an assumption that, of course, every thoughtful person shares the same view.
Concern about the BBC is growing in the blogosphere - so much that there is a well populated blog, Biased BBC, concentrating on just that.

In that light there's some comic relief in viewing this morning's story on the BBC website Caution urged on climate 'risks'. Unusually, they have chosen to put a banner picture across the top of the report - an image of a plane flying in front of the sun. This contributes nothing to the text at all, but serves two purposes.

First, it reminds the reader that there is human generated activity up there in the sky. More importantly, it gives an opportunity to the caption writer.

The point of the story is that "two leading UK climate researchers have criticised those among their peers who they say are "overplaying" the global warming message". But, lest we stray from the BBC's true path, the caption to the photo - which you read before ever you reach the story - is
Both scientists believe that man's activities are causing global warming.
So that's all right, then. Important to stress that point before we let the plebs loose on the story.

How green is my BBC. How green do they think we are?

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