March 02, 2007

High-handed EU wastes more money

The EU's new Agency for Fundamental Rights has been launched with a budget of £72m. Its 50 staff will monitor human rights in the EU, "alongside" (i.e. duplicating) the Council of Europe, which has been doing the job since 1949.

As The Times reports, "critics believe that it should not have been built because one of its core aims is to enforce the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which formed part of the EU constitution that was voted down in France and the Netherlands".

But it gets worse. Germany is keen to revive the constitution in a slimmed-down form, and one of the possible casualties is the charter.

Franco Frattini, the EU Justice Commissioner, said that “A Europe that refuses to embrace its values, the values of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, is a Europe condemned to lose".

What does this actually mean?

And what about my human right not to pay taxes which go towards illegal expenditure?

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Chris Harper said...

Back when we were merely free, before all these 'rights' were granted us, we didn't need bodies like this.