March 04, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This is the title of an interesting sounding programme on Channel 4 this week. Here's some comment.

Meanwhile, Stephen Glover suggests, show me a global warming zealot and I'll show you a hypocrite. Nothing new or profound, but if you're fed up with environmental piety it's a satisfying read.

The indefatigable John Ray has picked up a report in the Shanghai Daily that France is against setting a binding target for renewable energy sources in the European Union, while Germany was insisting on a binding target "to underpin the EU's drive for world leadership in the fight against climate change".

Oh good.

Eurosceptics should preserve the French summary of their position. "We are not in favour of fixing binding targets in renewable energy," said a French official. "It is up to each member state, in all flexibility and subsidiarity, to set its own objective." (My italics)

Angela Merkel meanwhile has urged EU leaders to approve "bold steps" to combat climate change but said Germany was not prepared to shoulder the same heavy burden of emissions cuts as it has in the past! This is the Germany whose proposed carbon emissions were too high for the Commission's liking.

So does it seem that every government is paying lip service to green policies as long as they don't have to comply? No. Step forward Britain's failed prime minister.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman confirmed he had dropped resistance to a binding target after Merkel and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso convinced him it would give the EU's green leadership greater credibility.
What a good reason.

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Anonymous said...

My old Gp used to smoke but he still said that it was harmful does that mean that he was incorrect because he was a hypocrite ?
By the way he died of a heart attack before retirement.
Of course lots of people who believe in global warming do not practise what they believe - but it does not mean they are incorrect.