March 20, 2007

Fine EU words on climate change

Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times takes a cynical view of EU leaders' recent pronouncements on climate change.

The EU has a track record when it comes to shelving grandiose pronouncements, he says, citing the Lisbon Agenda, and the rule that no eurozone member would be allowed to run budget deficits greater than 3% of GDP.
It seems highly likely that the climate-change targets will go the same way. Although the declarations made at this month’s summit sound impressive, the details of how these goals are to be achieved were left extremely vague. That was no accident. If EU leaders had tried to spell out exactly which countries were going to have to make what sacrifices, the whole deal would have fallen apart.
Do the heads of government believe in the process, or do they all know they are going through the motions? Why do they do this?

Are they criminally naive, or criminally cynical?

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